April 28: Born a Taurus in Washington, D.C. 

At age 7, Stefan designs and constructs a suspension bridge out of Legos. 

Begins Oberlin College and starts photo work with Pipo Nguyen-duy using black and white 35mm film and his dad's Pentax.

 Lives in Krakow, Poland, and works a construction job remodeling a hotel, continues painting and collaging.

Studies in Aix-En-Provence, France, first public performances in the streets of town center. Participates in group show at Centre pour l’Art et la Culture.

Returns to Oberlin, OH. Resumes studies with Nguyen-duy, learns color photography.

Executes mailing piece, chooses 3 people from each US state, based upon last names of favorite artists (Burden, Klein and Smithson). Sends series of contact prints in hand addressed envelopes. Culmination of project is letters in response from subjects. Generates issues with FBI, Secret Service and Oberlin attempts to expel him.

First solo show at Fischer Gallery Oberlin OH. School prevents Stefan from showing letters from mailing project. Graduates from Oberlin College BA Studio Art. 

Works for Phillips de Pury & Co as Art Handler. Continues painting and print-making.

Gets hit by car while riding bicycle in Long Island City, applies to Peace Corps, participates in group show at Phillips de Pury & Co. Begins meditating.

Paints "Fruit Crate" series. Begins brief woodworking apprenticeship with Quetzal Saunders. Gains acceptance to Peace Corps to serve in Surinam.

Apprentices Palo Samko.

As a result of Hurricane Irene, Stefan’s Brooklyn storage unit is flooded, most of his artwork from the past ten years is destroyed. Starts SR.