This piece really embodies character and function. The table top is made from reclaimed lower-manhattan water tower wood, specifically cedar. This wood sat on top of a building for about 100 years witnessing the city streets below. It's really a pleasure to hold history in your hands and be able to give it a third life!

The client wanted a table he could use both to serve and entertain as well as a kitchen work-surface. Hence the hard maple cutting board-inlay. The whole thing is finished with lemon-oil so that it is food safe. The walnut legs are removable as the piece was too big to fit through the door. They are fastened to the top with custom blackened steel brackets. Also featured are two matching, 2-person stools with walnut tops, and hand-turned water-tower cedar for legs. Utilizing thru-tenon joinery and some nice details like leather on the stretchers and ebony and purple heart wedges for added strength in the joint.

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